Student Membership

Annual Student Membership

The Pattison Institute video series is here to augment the traditional education you’re receiving. Until now students have had to rely on lectures, textbooks, or instructor demonstrations to learn periodontal instrumentation. Our comprehensive video lessons demonstrate proper technique with the unprecedented clarity you’ve been waiting for. Finally, the ultimate resource for dental and dental hygiene students both inside and outside the preclinical lab and the clinic.

* Participating program student membership

If your school is a registered institution with the Pattison Institute, and the videos are required for a current course, contact your school bookstore or course administrator to purchase a student membership at a reduced price.

If the videos are not required for a course you are currently taking, you should subscribe individually.



For non-member school students *

  • Expert hands-on instruction to practice your technique
  • Personal instruction 24 hours a day outside the classroom
  • Over 13 hours of instruction in 23 detailed lessons
  • The opportunity to review and prepare before treating clinical patients
  • Study materials for competency, regional, or state board exams
  • The skill and experience to excel in pre-clinic and in clinic